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AFA Driving school Pontefract, Wakefield, Doncaster

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JEMIL MUHAMED  Pontefract  17/07/2013  pass 5 min ——————————————————————— MARIA . H.B I am over the moon about passing my driving test 1st time, I never thought it would happen but its all down to ylli who was a fantastic driving instructor who gave me good advice and was a brilliant THANKS ylli ————————————————————–


Thank You so much A.F.A Driving School. I have been training with Ylli and I passed 1st time. Excellent!






I would never have passed my driving test FIRST TIME!!! without Ylli. his knowledge experience and patience got me threw my test and he was with me with the high and lows. I would tell anybody to learn to drive with ylli he’s a phenomenal driving instructor.



If you want to learn to drive with a professional, friendly and qualified instructor then choose A.F.Driving school. I chose Ylli as my boyfriend recommended me. As a completely new learner I was nervous at the prospect of getting behind the wheel, but I soon felt safe and confidence grew. Ylli s experience, knowledge and friendly smile each lesson made learning to drive seem less scary than I first thought and definitely good value for money. I would recommend  A.F.A Drivering school to anyone, young or old, new or with some experience, as his experience means he can adapt lessons to suit your own needs  I PASSED 1-ST TIME  THAAAAAAAAAAAANKS.


Jordan  L. Clark

Passed 1-st time   4 minore  15/02/2013 .PONTEFRACR.



Luke    Thacker

Passed  4 minore  Pontefract  01/03/2013


G reame         AUSTIN

Passed first time    Doncaster  04/04/2013                       2 minor   only



Passed first   time       Wakefield     07/05/2013.

Im over the moon  about   passing    first time  and thanks  to my   absolutely fantastic driving instructor   I can  now travel round Europe with my fiance all of it would not have been possible  without  ylli thanks again for all the support  and cofidence you have given me would recommend  you to aneone x


JAKE        WARD     passed   driving test   5 minores

Pontefract 17/08/2013

  ———————————————————————————- Adrew                          Sykes               Passed driving test  Pontefract and recommended Ben to AFA Driving school.     ———————————————–


Passed first time, highly recommended.I passed my test first time after doing lessons with Ylli, is a brilliant instructor and made me feel at ease driving and made it more enjoyable rather than been nervous I now drive and feel confident driving. Thanks m8 ———————————————————————

From G. Prenga

A great big thank you to Ylli at A.F.A driving school. Today I passed my driving test first time with only 3 driving faults!



I would like to say a big thankyou to Ylli who helped me achieve my goals on been a safe driver and passing my test 5 driving faults… I really enjoyed learning to drive as he made me feel comfortable and confident in myself, I would recommend him too anyone. PASSED ON 18/10/12 ————————————————————————–


Thank you for helping me pass my test  You   are fab  and  very friendly enjoyed my lessons explains things very well, helps you get the hang of driving and what to look out for, overall very good would recommend to any one Thank you so much. ——————————————————————————

Ricky Wallheads

Passed 08/02/2013   one week  24 hr course  1-st time   with 5 minors  Rotherham


Alban  Vata

Passed first time .Doncaster 25/02/2013      Thanks  AFA Driving School    great instructor  and  profesional. Fantastic offer 10 for £99 thanks agaen.



Ahmet Beci

Passed first  time  Pontefract 28/03/2013



Passed  first time   Pontefract      08/04/2013   6 minors



30hr   Intensive driving  course  passed  Pontefract  17/06/2013


James                     Towell      Passed   at Pontefract  2 minore  18/08/2013

Welldone   James

——————————————————————————— Emma Carr           passed Pontefract 21/09/2013   She said sorry about the picture but I don’t like to have my picture taken but she left very happy and has already recommended a friend to  AFA DRIVING SCHOOL.