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Trainee v’s Fully Qualified

 There are two types of instructors that are allowed to charge money in return for lessons.
Driving Instructors (Trainee)

These display a Pink Triangular Licence displayed in their window and have completed the first 2 tests to
becoming a driving instructor. They have also completed at least 40 hours of training towards the 3rd and
final test. The Licence is issued for 6 months and lets them gain experience in teaching people to drive.

Fully Qualified Instructor.
These Instructors have passed all 3 tests and are Approved Driving Instructors (ADI).
They display a Green Octagonal Licence in their window.

As a qualified instructor you have a ‘Check test’ to ensure that your level of instruction is maintained.
 This test is carried out every 2, 3 or 4 years depending on the grade you attain. They are graded from
Grade 1 to Grade 6.

Grade 4
:-This is an adequate level of instruction. (Minimum requirement to stay on the official register of instructors)
Grade 5:- This is a high standard of instruction.
Grade 6:- This is a very high standard of instruction. (Highest Grade possible.)

Grade 1 – 0%
Grade 2 – 0.09%
Grade 3 – 0.76%
Grade 4 – 51.32%
Grade 5 – 31.03%
Grade 6 – 5.99%

Ungraded – 10.81% (newly qualified instructors are officially ungraded until their first DSA
“check test” is done)